About Norvoch

Our History

We are Norvoch Jewelry

The founder of the Norvoch jewelry brand began his attraction to high-end precious jewelry early in his childhood, drawing inspiration from the world’s phenomena and infinite beauty. Having worked in the jewelry industry for more than 20 years, he decided he wanted to breathe new life and imagination into his work.

Norvoch placed more focus on body jewelry, one of many fast-growing fashion trends of the 21st-century. After Spending countless hours, days, weeks and years on the exploration of this alcove, the core of the business, was moving forward with the contemporary styles and demands of its consumers: To Apply experience, knowledge, and expertise within this sect to create high-quality jewelry for a generation interested in the distinctive
style of gold adornment.


Here at Norvoch, we believe that beauty, grace, and fashion have all been combined to develop individual style. We are constantly evolving to develop a company that builds strong working relationships, confidence, and trust from our customers.

Since 2016, Norvoch jewelry has become a brand that specialized in the production of unique and high-quality gold body jewelry. At Norvoch we pride ourselves on the quality of materials used, our unique designs, and the embrace of individual style. We are always ready and open to new developing trends and ideas that enhance beauty and gives every individual the opportunity to stand out through their style. We invite and encourage you to Be Different.